Altes Rathaus (City Hall)

Altes Rathaus, Hauptstraße 137

63897 Miltenberg


The Lord Baron and the Lady Baroness of the Ancient Barony of Knights Crossing in the Kingdom of Drachenwald hereby invite one and all to days of learning, music, feasting, and dancing at the 11th Known World Dance and Music Symposium. One of the Barony's holdings, the 14th century city hall of the picturesque city of Miltenberg am Main, shall once more see balls and revelry like it has not seen in hundreds of years – come and be part of the experience!

The official event dates are April 15-19, 2015. Dance classes will be held on two floors of the main site and in two rooms in a nearby Neogothic youth hostel. Another smaller room on the 2nd floor of the site will be used for music or theory classes. Multiple dance & music tracks are being planned for each day. Space for after hours dancing and revels will also be available.

Registration is now open.
Event and on-site event lodging fees can be found on the Site Fees page on this website. Register for the event by selecting the "Registration" menu item on the left and then selecting the Click HERE link to complete the registration form. The reservations steward will review your information and send you back payment instructions.

The event fee will include a medieval style lunch and dinner served at the site on Thursday and Friday. A Feast is planned on Saturday before the ball.

With event registration, attendees may sign up for accommodation in the nearby youth hostel, a short 10 minute walk from the event site. Attendees may also choose to stay in a downtown Miltenberg hotel, many of which are just a short walk from the event site.

Schedule and Classes
These are still being planned and teachers are welcome! If you are interested in teaching a class or would like to see a particular class, music or dance instruction included, please register on this website and use the "Submit a class" option under the User Options section of the left menu.

More Information
If you have questions regarding the event, please send them in an email to one of the event stewards using the contact page of this website.